Dead or Undead?

This is what they're asking themselves, no answers, no rules, Hunter or hunted? Who are you? 

Born as an interactive Urban Project Visualizer Villagers evolved in a Chilled. Dead walking survival action experience....

Villagers is about an ambitious urban development project, got stuck in a way you can call "the Italian Touch".

This beautiful neighborhood will be growing just online, in a way not too different to our reality. 

1-16 players

PC - Mac - Android (close all other apps, it is performance intensive on mobile) 

PC controls:

Wasd - Move

Mouse - looking 

C - change camera

L Shift - run

Space - jump

Left Click - cheer (human only) / attack

T - switch to combat mode (human only) 


Left Part of the screen - move

Right part - looking

B - run

X - cheer / attack

A - jump


- Lo-Fi Survival Stats Management

- Inventory

- Death Cycle


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